About Peppermint Essential Oil

About Peppermint Essential Oil

About Peppermint Essential Oil

This  Peppermint Essential Oil is strong! We tend to bought it to forcibly evict unwanted residents (mice) in our home.

Most people tell soak a plant disease and place them throughout the house, however it left a gentle vacation aroma that I did not feel was robust enough, therefore I abandoned that technique and took an additional direct approach (outlined below) that perceptibly paid off.

These execs and Cons area unit supported the belief youre victimisation this Peppermint Essential Oil to free your home of pests. For traditional use through a water reed dispenser or alternative oil dispenser, see somebody elses review.



  • Terribly robust if used my means (probably not the correct way)
  • doesnt need an entire heap to be effective
  • Gets obviate mice and chipmunks
  • Youll place it in Associate in Nursing oil dispenser for the vacations


  • I do not contemplate these things pet friendly once used incorrectly
  • Strength drops perceptibly when 2-3 days (recommend reapplying on the third or fourth day to stay continuous cuss control)
  • Peppermint Essential Oil Comes in a very glass bottle

I primarily trained a hole into the drywall wherever scratching noises came from (not to say the occasional stink of a freshly dead mouse) and stuffed up a bulb syringe with the Peppermint Essential Oil (the kind you employ to get rid of mucous secretion from a newborns nose) and empty it out into the wall.

Peppermint-Essential-oilWithin a pair of hours, the aroma brought a burning sensation to my eyes and nose. My cat Leo was visibly agitated (he unbroken pawing at his eyes and you may see tears forming). We tend to werent even within the area that I treated. I had thought that motion the door would are enough to stay the smell contained. Gratuitous to mention, I had to wedge a towel underneath the door to forestall any longer fumes escaping into the remainder of the basement so settled my cat to a different space upstairs till the most space cleared.

The strength of the Peppermint Essential Oil scent diminished over the course of 2-3 days, therefore I reapplied a lesser quantity on the fourth day. It has been concerning six weeks since I initial applied flavourer to the within of my walls and there are no additional scratching sounds, no additional mouse BM, and no additional random tiny animals dying in inaccessible places. I still have slightly quite 0.5 a bottle (16 oz bottle). Meanwhile, we are going to have somebody examine the skin of the house to do and notice / seal the entry purpose of the pests.

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