My experience: use straightening hair brushes

My experience: use straightening hair brushes

My experience: use straightening hair brushes

In the previous article, you started to discover versatile kinds of straightening hair brushes depending on the type of hair locks. There was an observation of brushes designated to more straight or light wavy strands. Such combs like Infinity Pro with a spin rotating function designed by Conar or the same company’s products – Infinity Pro Diamond Brush – are created to cope with above hair kind.

Allow me to explore further brushes which are able to be excellent assistants in styling process at home or other comfortable conditions. The most common type demanding straightening is curly hair type. It is curious that ladies with straight hair cherish a dream to possess curly strands and opposite, curly ladies see how they are getting rid of their cute curls in order to have a strict straight look.


So here is the deal. Such company as InStyler is delightful to propose you the solution – their brush with ceramic materials and straight up effect. What is great that the comb is able to heat up about only thirty seconds. It is a crucial point for you, busy lady, isn’t it? Only one pass and ceramic plates in quantity of 65 pieces are working on your gorgeous hair style.

Tips on the bristles are providing you with the cooling effect due to ionic technology.

Settings on the temperature panel vary from 330F till 450F depending on kind of hair locks. Seven positions are kindly waiting for your choice. One more pleasant function is an automatic shut off on the swivel cord.

straightening-hair-brushesComparing to flat iron, straightening brush gives you incredibly wonderful feeling of radiant and smooth strands in half the time. The easy process obtains a fascinating result.

One more professional brush worth your attention is produced by HSI company. 76% of positive feedbacks give legitimacy to the comb. Ladies are exciting about the following:

  1. Fast speed process with straightening effect saves your time and creates unforgettable result. It really works within three-four minutes.
  2. It copes with almost all kinds of the hair strands including strong curly waves.
  3. For thick curly hair it is better to set up maximum level of temperature – 450F.
  4. Your general appearance of the locks becomes shinier, more radiant and smoother than before due to tourmaline technology and presence of negative ions.
  5. You can get rid of frizzes finally thanks to the high-quality ceramic material.

Both of above brushes are worth your precious attention, so you can purchase one of them without any doubts.

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